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Welcome to the FitPro Masterclass Podcast. This show has been created for the ambitious trainer's and coaches who want to master the fundamentals to a successful fitness business, move from 'Fitness Trainer to Trusted Expert' and get the best results they can with every client they work with. This is Ru Anderson's audio blog from, and topics range from all things coaching, nutrition, training, business and lifestyle. Tune in, get subscribed and take control of your fitness business today!
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Dec 23, 2015

Many trainers and coaches went into the fitness industry because of their own passion for health and fitness. Despite most coaches having huge amounts of knowledge and interest in what they do, this doesn’t mean that they can create the business that they truly want. That’s because most coaches do not know how to ‘create a customer’. By understanding the power of a ‘sales funnel’ you will be able to create customers from people who never even knew you existed, and those sitting on the fence. This episode will show you the important process known as a ‘sales funnel’ which should be used to create awareness of what you do, improve engagement and to become fully booked. 

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Dec 15, 2015

Ready to build a raving tribe of loyal fans and clients who like your work, share it and buy everything that you create? Then tune into this week's episode to find out the step-by-step process to making that happen. 

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Dec 10, 2015

Your written word is that connection to your client and it defines the message you are presenting. For the ongoing development and particularly the success of your business, you must take responsibility for the content at all times. This podcast episode will show you how. 

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Dec 3, 2015

This episode of the Masterclass will examine the key components to building your online platform. Even if your business is primarily offline e.g. running your own gym, it should still have a good website. No matter what your business is, a well constructed website will build more ‘like, know and trust’ with your prospective clients, and therefore make your business more successful. On its most basic level it should therefore impress your potential clients/customers, tell them more about you, your services and how to get in contact. Every business will benefit from having this information on the World Wide Web.

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