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Welcome to the FitPro Masterclass Podcast. This show has been created for the ambitious trainer's and coaches who want to master the fundamentals to a successful fitness business, move from 'Fitness Trainer to Trusted Expert' and get the best results they can with every client they work with. This is Ru Anderson's audio blog from, and topics range from all things coaching, nutrition, training, business and lifestyle. Tune in, get subscribed and take control of your fitness business today!
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Feb 24, 2016

If you're anything like me then you really want to know the 'nitty-gritty' details about what is really working for someone who is seeing success in a certain area. That's why on this week's FitPro Masterclass I'm taking you behind the scenes of the Exceed Nutrition Coaching System. It's simple yet highly effective, and I'll reveal all so you too can apply it to your own coaching. 

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Feb 18, 2016

I've created this habit system to help you truly understand how important your clients habits are to a healthy and lean body, while showing you the most essential nutrition habits they should be doing every day. Don't underestimate how effective this system can be at changing your client's body, health and performance. I've been applying these habits to hundreds of clients for years now - testing them, experimenting with them, and modifying them until I had a system that could guarantee results in any client who uses it faithfully.

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Feb 11, 2016

Liam Britton joins me this week for the first ever interview on the FitPro Masterclass podcast. He shares his incredible journey with running a successful fitness business and why it needed to change, despite making him a lot of income. We also chat specific strategies to transition from time for money coaching, gain more meaning from your coaching, and how to create more freedom by taking your fitness business online. 

Feb 3, 2016

What accountability do you have to ensure that you too are consistently learning more as well as growing your business?

Just like I had a few years ago, it’s likely to be very little or none.

That’s because most of us are diehard ‘do-it yourself’ types, so never give a second thought to doing things any other way. Yet despite this, you may not feel really in control and are consistently spinning your wheels to achieve your goals.

But if you can understand now how amazing a little accountability can build your own motivation, the differences could be incredible. The secret is that for some of us, accountability is not something we can tackle alone. If you’re struggling with accountability yourself, recruit some help.

But who do you ask? How do you find the right person or community for the job?

In this week's show, I'll show you how to do exactly that.

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